Joo-Kyung Kim

I am an applied scientist at Amazon Alexa. You can just call me JK.
My major research interest is represenatation learning for conversational AI.
I received my PhD degree advised by Eric Fosler-Lussier in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at The Ohio State University.
During my PhD, I did three research internships on deep learning for conversational understanding at Microsoft in summer 2016, deep & recursive neural networks for constituency parsing at NEC Laboratories America in summer 2015, and deep & recurrent neural networks for named entity recognition at Nuance Sunnyvale in summer 2014.
Between 2012 and 2014, I worked on hierarchical compositions of acoustic features and different targets with deep neural networks for IARPA's Babel Program.
I received my MS degree advised by Byoung-Tak Zhang from Seoul National University and my BE degree from Sogang University.
Before joining OSU, I worked at NHN (Currently, Naver) for two years as a software engineer developing Internet search services. Also before getting my bachelor's degree, as an industrial skilled personnel, I developed mobile games at ZIO Interactive and financial risk management software at IBK System.

Email: jookyk at

Selected Publications
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